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Use of this website constitutes agreement with this privacy policy and users not agreeing with this policy should cease all use of the website.

We only use Cookies that are generated by Microsoft's Blazor technology as are necessary for our Single Page Application (SPA) to function properly. We don't save any of this information to our cloud, and we only have IP addresses as are saved by default to Microsoft's logs in Windows Azure, which is where this website, and associated database, is stored.

Users who register may see any of the information that we hold on them, in their accounty settings, and when a user deletes their account, all of this information is deleted.

Of the information that we hold of registered users, we may, from time to time, send announcements to registered users via the email address that we hold for them. Registered users wishing to not receive this information may stop receiving it by deleting their account.

We will not share any information that we hold about our registered users to any third party, however not-with-standing this, user information, albeit anonymous, as relates to the operation of the website, and it's functions, are shared to third parties (for example, Microsoft Azure, in as much as hosting goes, and both SendGrid, and Fasthosts, who manage different aspects of our email distribution for us).

In the case that a user emails any of our email accounts directly, we keep records of these communications in the context of all email constituting part of a correspondence register, and this information is not deleted when a user deletes their account.

Our individual mailbox holders may, as may be considered to be an ordinary business process, forward email in the normal process of manageing the affairs of our business, and as such, those emails may go through other email service providers, to, as may be deemed necessary, other recipients, both inside the business, and outside the business.

This privacy policy will, from time to time, be updated without any warning, and users should check back regularly to see if it has been updated since last they viewed it.

Anybody having any privacy issues should email us via the Contact page.

Although we hope for a next-day response to emails, they may, during intense periods, or holidays, take up to 7 days (or more) to be responded to.

This website and it's associated database is distributed over several of Microsoft's Data Centres and which include the UK, Europe, and the United States of America.

This Privay Policy and a User's agreement with it is governed by UK Law.

Last updated 27 April 2020

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