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NERPS - the National Emergency Remote Pilot Service - was established on the 5th of August 2019, and in the words of its founding Chief of Air Staff:

  • "NERPS is the inevitable response that draws on the historic parallel of the creation of the Royal Air Force out of converging embedded resources at the end of World War 1, which has its roots in the convergence of the Royal Navy's embedded Fleet Air Arm with the British Army's embedded Army Air Corps ...

    NERPS is - and always was - inevitable!"

NERPS is a non-profit organisation that is tracking to become an accredited Emergency Service, which has the ambition of establishing a minimum of four volunteer Emergency Remote Pilots at parish level (and the equivalent, in non-parished areas), in every single region of the UK: with over 10,500 parishes in England alone, this is quite an ambition - you might equate each local NERPS Flight with being the equivalent of the local fire brigade in the wider fire service!

NERPS was founded as a result of intense discussions over the months of March to August, in 2019, between it's founding Chief of Air Staff, Count Anthony Harrison - who has a background in Army Aviation, as well as reconnaissance in the Special Forces - and Andy Sproson and Scott Williams, of the CAA accredited Pigs Can Fly Remote Pilot Training School, who fly over a hundred hours a month in some of the most arduous conditions in the UK and who have emergency services experience.

Scotty has a background in the Royal Navy, and both Andy and Scotty's humour resonates daily to balance their steely-eyed focus of how best to train 40,000 remote pilots.

Andy Sproson and Scott Williams, with Scott Dowell, are Project Leads in the Pigs Can Fly project called COVID-19, which in conjunction with Harper Adams University (Shropshire, England), plan to deploy UAV Disinfectant Spraying teams to combat COVID-19. NERPS will support Pigs Can Fly in this endeavour!

Balancing NERPS's operational needs with its training needs, Anthony stands on the legacy of his grandfather, who was one of the founding pilots of the Royal Air Force and who had previously served as a decorated reconnaissance pilot in The Great War, whose legacy is that he also administered the Polish Pilots in the Battle of Britain "without whom we'd not have won".

NERPS's motto derives from this Battle of Britain expression.

  • Motto: "Strive to win, win to strive!"

It is hoped that in the fullness of time, that NERPS will also be measured by the nation with this very same expression of the Battle of Britain, 'Without whom we'd not have won!'

NERPS's immediate goals are outlined in its campaign named "Operation EC19".

'EC' stands for Electronically Conspicuous and has the support of Electronically Conspicuous Limited, Anthony's own company, which is a pioneer in the technology of drones flying under an Electronically Conspicuous Dome.

Electronically Conspicuous Limited plans to fund the UK Electronically Conspicuous Dome by selling off Electronically Conspicuous Spectrum Location Rights of his company's Patent Pending technology, in much the same way that the UK auctioned off its 3G spectrum rights, as was announced in the year 2000.

As such, Electronically Conspicuous Limited plans to be one of the major donor of funds to NERPS in the coming years.

Last updated 23 April 2020

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