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How we associate logins with user data.

Having a NERPS login does not confer Volunteer, Temporary, Part-Time, or Full-Time Staff status, these and other status are seperately acquired once logged in, are subject to approval via a user verification mechanism that is subject to terms and conditions, and until any other status is acquired, logged-in accounts merely confer 'Friend of NERPS' status.

Friends of NERPS may live in any country however presently, all Volunteer, Temporary, Part-Time, and Full-Time Staff roles require that incumbents are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.

Users may download their login data at any time by going to Account / Personal Data / Download.

Logins may be deleted at any time, and when a 'Friend of NERPS' deletes their account, they cease to have 'Friend of NERPS' status.

When a login is deleted, ONLY the following information is deleted from our databases:

  • Username and Associated Metadata (including the associated password store);
  • Any roles that the user may have had that gave them special viewing privileges whilst logged in to the website (and associated meta-data); and,
  • Any tokens and claims that are associated with the above.

What Data is not deleted when a User Account is deleted?

  • All Human Resources information that pertains to any Volunteer, Temporary, Part-Time, Full-Time, or other HR role; and,
  • Operational data as relates to any HR role, for example:
    1. Flight Logs;
    2. Certifications as relate to particular roles; and,
    3. Any relevant documentation that relates to the process of establishing identity, medical certification/s as relates to being necessary to be certified in a particular role, and anything that is required to be maintained to support our fiduciary responsibilities (both statutory and otherwise) that would be needed in a court of law to support the user's actions in having undertaken their roles.
    4. The member's unique 'Service Number' (and associated metadata) that ties all of these records together.

It should be noted that the act of deleting an account is not in itself an act of resigning from any personnnel roles that the user may have and users should anticipate continued contact from HR under any circumstances that would ordinarily be associated with the administration of such roles.

Personnel who delete their accounts but later want to create another account and reassociate themselves with such retained information should email hr@nerps.uk

We have not automated the Reassociation Process and as reassociation could be a lengthy manual process, users are requested to think twice when wanting to delete an account.

Depending upon our workloads there may be an administrative charge associated with the Reassociation Process.